CAWT part of international project highlighted by Prime Minister

The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) is participating in a massive international project to clean up the Ganges River, highlighted this week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his state visit to India.

The CAWT, in partnership with the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Centennial College, Confederation College, and Northern College, will lead the Canada-India Water Training Consortium which will offer training as part of the Ganga River Environment Management Programme (GREMP).

The Consortium is part of a broader collaborative effort that includes Canadian Technology and Business Facilitators Inc. (CTBF) and ETI Dynamics to contribute water technologies and training to the GREMP. The river clean-up is an immense undertaking – the project is billed as a $100 billion opportunity.

The official signing of the CTBF’s entry into the Ganges River clean-up project took place this week in New Delhi. The signing ceremony was organized through Prime Minister Harper’s official trip to India.