Research Facilities

Analytical Laboratories

The CAWT’s accredited facility includes two state-of-the-art analytical laboratories, including a biological laboratory for microbial analyses. The laboratories are equipped with an exceptional range of instrumentation and equipment.

A full list of the CAWT’s Scope of Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is available on the CALA website.

Having an accredited in-house analytical laboratory means that you can not only trust the results, but your project will also benefit from reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Advanced Research Facilities

Our large indoor research facilities provide space for projects ranging from small bench scale projects to full-scale verification testing trials. Equipped to handle varying electrical and plumbing needs, our facilities have space for large storage tanks to hold influents for batch testing of technologies.

Our greenhouse and environmental lab facilities are home to environmental chambers that allow for controlled studies under specific environmental and climatic conditions.

Our spaces are secure and customizable, allowing us to host several projects and technologies at once.

Contact us for more information about our research facilities and equipment and also check out the Research Facilities Navigator  for more details.


Onsite Research Testing Facility

Our Onsite Wastewater Research Testing Facility is conveniently located at a wastewater treatment plant north of our main research centre, satisfying the cold climate requirements for certain Canadian industry standards. Our onsite research testing facility is available for companies interested in pursuing certifications, such as NSF/ANSI 40 and CAN/BNQ 3680-600, for their onsite residential wastewater treatment systems.  With room to host 6 full-scale technologies our third-party testing can support optimization, verification, validation of technologies on these critical standards.

Take a peek inside this unique facility that is capable of supporting multiple technologies at once.

Contact us today to reserve a spot for your technology.

Location Versatility

Versatile, experienced, and adaptable. Our Research Team can work almost everywhere; from the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world to China, Africa, and places in between.  We have a network of local, provincial, national, and international partners that can offer off-site assistance and facilities if needed.

Projects that require outdoor implementation, either in whole or part, can take advantage of our on-site outdoor space, which includes 20 lined ponds and a fully customizable constructed wetland.  Contact us to learn more about our outdoor facilities.


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What equipment does the CAWT have?

We have a state-of-the-art research facility designed specifically for water and wastewater research with the necessary advanced equipment. Some of our equipment is listed on the Canadian Research Facilities NavigatorContact us for more information, or if you require a specific piece of equipment for your project.

Are projects restricted to the CAWT site?

No. Our research team can carry out testing, demonstrations, monitoring, and other projects off-site. Our project history includes working in several countries, across Ontario, and in Canada’s Arctic.

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