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The CAWT is comprised of a core group of scientists, faculty researchers, and technologists as well as a community of associates from academic, industrial, and private sectors. These professionals continue to expand the CAWT’s project base, research partnerships, and collaborations in the field of alternative wastewater treatment.


Jennifer PaulJennifer Paul –  Manager, Projects and Partners
Contact: jenn.paul@flemingcollege.ca, x 3068

Jennifer Paul’s background is in environmental science research, having received a  M.Sc. in the Environmental and Life Sciences graduate program from Trent University.  Since graduating, Jennifer has lead and participated in a number of research projects focused on conservation and sustainability.  Jennifer’s portfolio includes several publications in refereed journals as well as presentations at national conferences.  As a Project Manager at the CAWT Jennifer has a versatile role, responsible for executing projects, managing schedules and budgets, while also taking part in field work and laboratory testing.


Hong ZhangDr. Hong Zhang – Manager, Laboratory Services
Contact: hong.zhang@flemingcollege.ca

Hong Zhang has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (Drinking Water) from the University of Toronto, as well as degrees in Environmental Engineering (Wastewater) and Environmental Science from Nankai University in China.  Hong has expertise in corrosion control, disinfection byproducts, advanced analytical instrumentation, experimental design, and much more. Before joining the CAWT, Hong was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Toronto.


Dr. Gordon BalchDr. Gordon Balch – Research Scientist
Contact: gordon.balch@flemingcollege.ca, x 3562

Dr. Balch has over 20 years of research experience dealing with environmental contaminants and has conducted research on the fate of both inorganic and organic contaminants. Dr. Balch has experience in both the public sector (University research) and private sector (environmental consulting) and thus brings a blend of experiences that contribute significantly to applied research and is familiar with the science – technology transfer needs that are common to industry. Dr. Balch participates in the development, implementation, and assessment and interpretation of testing protocols for the validation of technology claims. He has worked with close to 75 companies and as many technologies. He is a Professor at the College, teaching in the School of Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences, and is a member of several environmental advisory committees.


Dr. Barbara Siembida-LoschDr. Barbara Siembida-Lösch – Research Scientist
Contact: barbara.siembida-losch@flemingcollege.ca, x 3077

Dr. Siembida-Lösch brings 9 years of experience from both the private and academic sector, having worked as an R&D engineer and as a researcher in the field of water and wastewater treatment. Dr. Siembida-Lösch earned her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Cracow University of Technology, Poland. Her graduate work was accomplished at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. In 2011, Dr. Siembida-Lösch completed her Ph.D. at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany with a focus on mechanical membrane cleaning using granulates; afterwards she joined the NSERC Chair group in Water Treatment at the University of Waterloo as a Postdoctoral Fellow, investigating biofiltration pre-treatment for membrane fouling control.


Heather BroadbentHeather Broadbent – Laboratory Technologist
Contact: heather.broadbent@flemingcollege.ca, x 3267

Heather Broadbent has a B.Sc in Environmental Science and Biology from Trent University. As the senior lab technologist of the CAWT, Heather oversees project implementation, laboratory testing and data analysis. Heather has been a key player in the laboratory’s good standing with CALA and is assisting in the CAWTs pursuit of ISO 17025 accreditation. Heather has extensive experience in the implementation, testing, and verification of wastewater treatment technologies and is skilled in the maintenance and operation of various highly analytical instruments.


Shan Shan LiShan Shan Li– Laboratory Technologist
Contact: shanshan.li@flemingcollege.ca x 3035

Shan Shan Li holds a B.Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University. Shan Shan has extensive knowledge and experience in using a variety of modern analytical instrumentation, methods development, and in operating ISO17025 accredited laboratories. Before joining the CAWT, Shan Shan earned over 7 years of experience working in one of the world’s leading inspection, verification, and testing companies. At the CAWT, Shan Shan is responsible for laboratory testing, method development, CALA proficiency testing trials, and is assisting CAWT in obtaining ISO17025 accreditation.


Joy ZhuJoy Zhu – Senior Technician/Instrumentation Specialist
Contact: joy.zhu@flemingcollege.ca, x 3091

Joy Zhu received her M.Sc. in Soil Testing and Plant Nutrition in 1989 from the University of Guelph, and her B.Sc. (Agr.) in Soil Chemistry in 1985 from China Agricultural University. Joy has over 12 years experience working in both research and commercial agricultural/environmental labs. Her contributions to research include: METTALICUS (Mercury Experiment to Assess Atmospheric Loading in Canada and the United States), Trent University; Investigation of Mercury in the Gulf of Thailand; Analysis of Wastewater for Emerging Contaminants, Trent University Water Quality Center; Wetland Restoration in San Francisco Bay Area, Trent University; and Removal of Arsenic using Anaerobic Wetlands, CAWT – Fleming College.  Joy is fluent in Mandarin.


Marcus SheppardMarcus Sheppard – Laboratory Technician
Contact: marcus.sheppard@flemingcollege.ca,

Marcus Sheppard has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and a diploma from the Environmental Technician Program at Fleming College. Marcus performs laboratory testing and assists with the set up and implementation of experiments. Marcus participated in field work in Alert, Nunavut and was the lead technician on a solid waste advanced composter project, handling all of the laboratory testing, data collection and reporting.



Saara Leopold – Laboratory Technician
Contact: saara.leopold@flemingcollege.ca

Saara Leopold has a B.Sc in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Namibia and a postgraduate certificate from the Advanced Water Systems Operations and Management program at Fleming College. She completed her co-op placement at the CAWT before becoming a Lab Technician. Saara performs laboratory testing, fieldwork, verification and calibration of equipment. Saara also helps design and operate benchtop and pilot research projects in collaboration with industry partners.


Livia Li – Laboratory Technician
Contact: livia.li@flemingcollege.ca

Livia Li has a M.A. Sc in Civil Engineering from University of Toronto and a B.Eng in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Tongji University, China.  She has gained a sound knowledge of water and wastewater treatment technologies from her previous work and study. Livia is also skilled in operating a variety of advanced analytical instruments.


Kirsten Scott – Laboratory Technician
Contact: kirsten.scott@flemingcollege.ca

Kirsten Scott attended Fleming College and graduated from the Biotechnology – Forensics program in 2011. Prior to joining the CAWT team, Kirsten worked in applied research studying microbiology, corrosion and adsorption/desorption.


Jessica Szabo – Laboratory Technician
Contact: jessica.szabo@flemingcollege.ca

Jessica Szabo received her M.Sc. in Environmental and Life Sciences in 2016 from Trent University and her B.Sc. Honours in Forensic Sciences and Chemistry in 2014 from Trent University.  Since graduating Jessica has joined the CAWT team as a lab technician, where she performs laboratory testing, and assists with other project experiments.


Office of Applied Research


Brent Wootton

Dr. Brent Wootton – Associate Vice-President Business Development, Applied Research, Government and Partner Relations

In 2006, Brent began as the project manager of the CAWT which had no base funding or research grants. Over the next 10 years, under his leadership as the Director, the applied research activities at the CAWT grew from 1 project in 2006 to over 100 as of 2016. In 2007 he became the Senior Scientist in 2007 and in 2009, he was appointed as Director. To date, he and his team have raised over $15 million in revenue from partnerships with over 100 companies as well as with all levels of government, and university and college partners.

In his new role at the College, he leads the advancement and coordination of college-wide activities and efforts in business development in non-post secondary revenue generation activities including contract training, applied research, technical services, and laboratory services. He continues to have institutional responsibility for college-wide applied research and all activities associated with applied research, including the CAWT. He also works with the President on provincial, national, and international governmental and partner relations priorities.


Mary Lou McLeanMary Lou McLean – Manager, Office of Applied Research
Contact: mary_lou.mclean@flemingcollege.ca, 705-324-9144 x 3080

Mary Lou McLean has over 25 years of experience in the legal, financial and human resources sector. Her leadership and management skills were honed while leading wilderness expeditions for 10 years with Outward Bound Canada and more recently, as the Manager of Research at Carleton University. As Director of Research, she leads the advancement and coordination of college-wide activities and efforts in applied research.  At CAWT, she is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of a focused research and development program and a knowledge and technology transfer strategy related to alternative wastewater treatment technologies.


Laura ColesLaura Coles – Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Contact: laura.coles@flemingcollege.ca, x 3078

Laura Coles has a B.A from the University of Toronto, as well as a B.Sc. (Honours) from Trent University. Before joining the CAWT, Laura worked in species at risk communications for Parks Canada. As the Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Laura uses her blend of creative and scientific talents to promote the CAWT, its partners, and their projects. She also holds an Ecosystem Management Technician diploma from Fleming College.


Rebecca Hunt – Research Grants Financial Officer
Contact: rebecca.hunt@flemingcollege.ca x 3013

Rebecca Hunt is a CPA, CGA designated accountant, a graduate of Fleming College’s Business Administration program, and has a Bachelors degree. As the Research Grants Financial Officer, Rebecca is responsible for the financial administration and reporting of projects. As well, in collaboration with the Managers and Director, ensures compliance with all funding agency rules and regulations.


ViVicki Weltoncki Welton – Office Assistant

Contact: vicki.welton@flemingcollege.ca x 3220

Vicki Welton works in our Office of Applied Research, supporting the Office’s day-to-day administration. Vicki is a Fleming alum, having graduated from the Office Administration program. Prior to joining the CAWT team Vicki worked in various departments at Fleming College.


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