The Showcasing Water Innovation Final Report is Released.

The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment participated in a joint study with the City of Kawartha Lakes, Queens University, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Terrapin Water (formerly C&M Aquatics) as part of the Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) program.

The SWI program was a one-time, multi-year program that enabled Ontario communities to partake in projects that could protect their water resources, optimize existing infrastructure, defer capital investments, stabilize operating costs, prioritize water investments, conserve water and lower energy use and carbon emissions. The CAWT project involved stormwater management in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

The final report for the program has been released, titled Showcasing Water Innovation: Communities Adopting Innovative and Sustainable Water Management.

Overall, the program saw:

  • 32 pioneering communities supported
  • Leveraged over $35 million, from $17 million
  • 263 partnerships formed
  • 44 pilot tests undertaken
  • 32 new technologies piloted
  • 16 University/College partners
  • 7 First Nation partners

Map of Projects_Showcasing Water Innovation