Verification and Testing

The CAWT is a member of GLOBE Performance Solutions, a collaborative platform that supports sustainable growth by accelerating the market adoption, enhancing the benefits, and reducing the risks of technology-based solutions. The consortium is made up of leading technology performance testing and verification organizations that, together, represent an important global source for performance-based solutions. GLOBE Performance Solutions serves both supply-side and demand-side clients, including developers and users of technologies.

In October 2012, the GLOBE Foundation entered into an agreement with Environment Canada whereby GLOBE Performance Solutions will serve as the third-party delivery agent for the Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program.

The aim of the Canadian ETV Program is to provide effective validation and verification of environmental performance claims for innovative technologies, processes, and products.  Performance testing and verification procedures follow the internationally recognized General Verification Protocol for national environmental technology verification programs.

Over the next three years, GLOBE Performance Solutions will serve as the delivery agent for the Canadian ETV Program. This will include coordinating the technical management of performance testing and verification activities with technology developers, users, investors and other stakeholders.

To learn more about the CAWT water and wastewater technology verification services, download our ETV brochure:

Water/Wastewater Technology Verification Info Sheet


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