Research and Testing

On-Site Testing

The CAWT’s constructed wetland has been engineered to maximize flexibility in research design. Two parallel series of three wetland treatment cells can be further divided into six discrete wetlands streams for detailed and controlled water quality and design testing. CAWT welcomes proposals for utilization of on-site wetland cells and the Solar Ecology System for academic research, industrial, and product testing purposes. We have research and industrial partnerships with Trent University, SGS Lakefield Research and others, and look forward to further partnerships and collaborations.

Monitoring and Sample Analysis

The CAWT is dedicated to gathering research data on the long-term effectiveness of constructed wetlands in cold-climates. We can provide analytical services to characterize and evaluate the effectiveness of wastewater treatment at alternative treatment sites. Services include field sampling, portable analytical instrumentation, and data logging.

Outdoor Research Areas

Outside we have a series of 20 aquaculture ponds linked to the cold-climate treatment wetlands, providing additional research opportunities. Be part of innovation in alternative wastewater treatment: house your research project at the CAWT.

Laboratory Facilities

Please see Our Facilities.

For more information, visit the Office of Applied Research.