Continuing Education and Contract Training

Wastewater Operator Training

The CAWT works closely with Fleming’s Continuing Education department to provide short courses on water, wastewater, and constructed wetlands. These courses are offered online, on campus, and at various locations throughout Ontario.

Wastewater Operator Training at Fleming provides the opportunity for industry professionals to expand their skills and meet their training requirements with accredited Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection courses.

Some of the topics covered include the steps involved in wastewater collection and treatment, biological and chemical processes, and equipment operation and maintenance. For a complete listing of available courses and course descriptions, or to register, visit the Wastewater Operator Training web page.

Contract Training

In addition to existing courses, Fleming can tailor material to client training needs and budgets. Visit our Corporate Training page or contact Eva Rees for more information.

For more information, contact Eva Rees:
866-353-6464 ext.  3260



Ganga River Environment Management Programme

Over 400 million people depend on the Ganga River basin. It is the most populated and, as a result, most polluted river basin in the world.

Over 12 billion litres of sewage and four billion litres of industrial effluent are generated in the river basin every day. Less than one third of it is treated before it is discharged into the river stream.

The basin also has additional environmental problems related to the amount of solid waste that gets dumped into the landfills, thrown into the river, or strewn over the landmass. It is estimated that nearly 52,000 tonnes of solid waste is generated every day in this basin.

While this large environmental degradation creates strong environmental issues, the situation also offers tremendous opportunity to make substantial positive impact.

Industry, government, and academia are coming together to create new economic models, effectively transfer technology, and be inclusive in the infrastructure development process. The result is one of the largest international, multidisciplinary efforts for positive change the world has seen.

The Ganga River Environmental Management Programme (GREMP) was established by etiDynamics , an economic development firm that specializes in high growth markets. A GREMP Canada Country Cell will help facilitate the transfer of our country’s expertise in water stewardship, education, and innovation for the water sector. The Cell will do this helping industry, government, and non-government organizations access the $100-billion opportunity supported by the World Bank.

In April 2015, Fleming College signed an MOU with India’s India’s National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to provide water sector training to India.