faq_coins How much will my project or testing cost?

Fees vary depending on project type and length. Contact us for more information.


faq_grantsIs there funding available?

We have several programs in place to help reduce the costs of projects and/or testing. Funding options can be explored during the initial consultation. See more about our funders and funding opportunities here.


faq_IPWhat happens with the intellectual property (IP) when the project is complete?

Intellectual property allocation is discussed during the initial consultation and agreed upon before the project begins. For the vast majority of projects, the industry partner remains the sole owner of the IP.


faq_geekWho will be working on my project?

The CAWT has a core staff of project managers, scientists, technologists, and technicians. Our project managers and scientists will lead the project from start to finish. Occasionally students will assist our research team (student participation can be a requirement for certain types of funding).


faq_microscopeWhat equipment does the CAWT have?

We have an advanced research facility with advanced equipment. Contact us if you require a specific piece of equipment for your project. For a list of many of our analytical instruments and equipment, see Our Facilities.


HoCAWT FAQw do you pronounce CAWT?

While we understand why some pronounce it “caught,” we pronounce each letter (see eh double-you tee).


faq_outsideAre projects restricted to the CAWT site?

No. Our research team can carry out testing, demonstrations, monitoring, and other projects off-site. Our project history includes working in several countries, across Ontario, and in Canada’s Arctic.


faq_smellYou work in wastewater research, does your facility smell?

Sometimes it does. There are days when we wish we were working in a bakery, movie theatre, or some other sort of pleasant-smelling workplace. But we’re devoted to helping find and improve alternative wastewater treatment technologies, so we learn to ignore the occasional stink.


newsletterHow can I keep up to date with all of the goings on at the CAWT?

Wow, we’re thrilled that you’re so interested in us! Follow us on social media for frequent updates and be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter – if you need even more updates on what’s going on at the CAWT, you must be one of our mothers and we’re sorry that we haven’t called recently, we’ve been really busy.
Still have a question or two? Contact us for more information.

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