BlueTech Research to Join WaterTAP in Supporting Water Technology Companies in Ontario

The Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP) and BlueTech Research have announced details of a collaborative agreement to provide Ontario water technology companies with access to market intelligence resources through the BlueTech Research membership Insight Service.

Under the agreement, WaterTAP and BlueTech will work together to create preferential access for Ontario-based water tech companies to the BlueTech Research membership Insight Service. The Service will provide companies with access to market intelligence and competitive landscape mapping resources via the online BlueTech 7.0 Intelligence Platform, as well as direct access to water technology market experts.

As Dr. Brian Mergelas, CEO of WaterTAP explains, “Many early-stage companies operate in an information vacuum – it is vital that companies have an understanding of their technology development and commercialization path, a clear idea of the existing and future competitive landscape, and validation of the market potential and need for their technology. By supporting access to highly relevant market research, we can help Ontario-based companies to better understand the markets they are addressing, which can accelerate their growth and shorten timelines for commercialization and profitability.”

The program involves three tiers of support, tailored to address the particular needs of companies at different stages in their evolution.


The WaterTAP Market Insight Program will come into effect in December 2014. Specific details on the administration of the program and the application process will be announced at that time.

For more information about this program, please contact Jonathan Grant ( or Jeff Guild (